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Mars City—
Balloon Physics Challenge

High School
Virtual Physics Lab

Virtual Physics Lab

Wheeling, West Virginia: Historic Places and Familiar Faces

Wheeling: A Brief History

NASA Explorer Schools—
Retool and Enhance

Verses from the Hills

Walking Pleasant Valley

Planets and Stars and Me…
Oh My!

Foundations of Freedom



The Colonial Age


Astronomy Village: Investigating the Solar System

Astronomy Village: Investigating the Universe



Funded by NASA, BioBLAST was developed at the Center for Educational Technologies®. This CD-ROM-based multimedia curriculum supplement is based on NASA’s ongoing advanced life support research program. The BioBLAST QuickTime VR® interface places students in a virtual lunar base where they interact with complex simulation software. Their goal is to design a bioregenerative life support system that will keep a crew of
six alive and well for three years without re-supply.

John Baro, assistant project manager
and lead programmer

Rhonda S. Baro, graphic design
and Lunar Base 3D model

Jeanne Finstein, mathematics content

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