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Polyhedron Physics+



Virtual online physics lab simulations for high school and college level physics classes.

With two product options, Polyhedron Physics and Polyhedron Physics+ contain everything students and teachers need to conduct the lab component of a traditional Physics course.

Visit our
Polyhedron Physics
web page for details.

To learn more, and to purchase
web-based Polyhedron Physics, visit
Polyhedron Physics.com

To learn more about Polyhedron Physics+
iOS Apps, visit our
Polyhedron Physics+ Apps page
for details and links to the iTunes Store.

Watch our
Polyhedron Physics Overview Video
on YouTube.

A curriculum supplement for vision science and experimental psychology lab classes.

iNSIGHT labs can be divided into two general categories: Interactive Demonstrations illustrate a visual phenomenon and allow students to manipulate the effect. Experiments are real psychophysical procedures that generate real data.

Web-based iNSIGHT
will be available in
April 2022

Visit our
web page for details.

iNSIGHT iOS Apps are available NOW!
Visit our iNSIGHT Apps page
for details and links to the iTunes Store.

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