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Web-based iNSIGHT
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Interactive experiment and demonstration modules that give students the opportunity to explore concepts in perception, vision science, neuroscience, cognition, and experimental psychology.

Polyhedron iNSIGHT™ is a curriculum supplement for vision science and experimental psychology lab classes. iNSIGHT labs can be divided into two general categories: Interactive Demonstrations and Experiments. Each Demonstration illustrates a particular visual phenomenon and allows students to manipulate the effect. Experiments are real psychophysical procedures (not simulations) that generate real data.

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John Baro
Principal Investigator
Development Lead
software interface design,

Jeanne Finstein
Project Coordinator

Rhonda S. Baro
Graphic Designer

Each interactive Demonstration illustrates a particular visual phenomenon and permits the student to manipulate the effect in various ways to gain a better understanding of these phenomena. Real-time manipulations and immediate feedback encourage “what if” exploration.

iNSIGHT offers eight interactive Demonstrations:

  • Receptive Field Mapping
  • Form and Motion
  • Illusions and Aftereffects
  • Spatial Vision
  • Stereograms
  • Color Vision Test
  • Color Mixing
  • Mach Bands

Each Experiment demonstrates a commonly-used psychophysical procedure (i.e., methods used to measure visual perception). Students generate their own data, which they analyze and interpret; the results are not simulated. The data are summarized, graphed, and in some cases, subjected to statistical analysis.

iNSIGHT offers seven scientific Experiments:

  • Scaling Vision
  • Measuring Illusions
  • Global Precedence
  • Feature Analysis
  • Depth Perception
  • Contrast Sensitivity
  • Signal Detection
All iNSIGHT labs are complete, and include a Quick Start section with basic instructions, detailed instructions for performing the exercises, and comprehensive background information specific to each lab. iNSIGHT labs are presented in the context of the “scientific method,” and designed so that students may complete them individually, in small groups, or as a class.

The Purchase of any iNSIGHT Lab includes:

   For Students    For Teachers

iNSIGHT Student Guide with detailed instructions for each exercise, and background information about scientific topics such as:

  • The scientific method
  • The scientific process
  • Forming hypotheses
  • Designing experiments
  • Data analysis
  • Statistics
  • Data presentation
  • Research reporting

Access to the iNSIGHT Student Guide, PLUS an iNSIGHT Teacher Guide with:

  • Background information
  • iNSIGHT philosophy
  • Overview of each exercise
  • Quick reference to primary content areas for each exercise
  • Tips for using the iNSIGHT Exercises, working in groups, and monitoring and assessing student performance
  • Tips for performing student evaluations

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