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Polyhedron Physics+
Polyhedron Physics
Polyhedron Physics+
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Virtual online physics lab simulations for high school and college level physics classes… Polyhedron Physics contains everything students and teachers need to conduct the lab component of a traditional Physics course.

These comprehensive physics labs contain everything needed to conduct virtual physics experiments, including remarkably realistic 3D laboratory equipment and data collection tools that look and act like an actual hands-on lab. A flexible teaching and learning tool — with convenient access anywhere, anytime — Polyhedron Physics is ideal for distance learning situations, and an economical option that eliminates the need for expensive lab equipment and time-consuming equipment set-up.

Two product options make Polyhedron Physics ideal for both AP high school and introductory college level physics courses.

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web-based Polyhedron Physics, visit
Polyhedron Physics.com

To learn more about Polyhedron Physics+ iOS Apps
visit our Polyhedron Physics+ Apps page
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Polyhedron Physics Overview Video
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Jeanne Finstein
Principal Investigator

John Baro
Development Lead
software interface design,

Robert R. Sellers
Physics Content Lead

Rhonda S. Baro
Graphic Designer
3D modeling


Polyhedron Physics Simulations are ideal for introductory college level physics or advanced placement high school courses.

All simulations provide everything necessary to conduct physics laboratory experiments, including:

  • Simulated lab equipment
  • Instructions
  • Data collection tools

For Teachers:

  • Example methods*
  • Printable Instructions

With these tools at hand, instructors can design a variety
of their own experimental procedures.



*not available for all simulatons

Polyhedron Physics+ Labs
are designed specifically for high school physics or basic introductory college physics classes.

These complete labs equip teachers and students with all the tools and equipment they need, plus additional resources including:

  • Introductory videos
  • Background theory
  • Experimental procedures
  • Analysis and reporting tools

For Teachers:

  • Teacher notes
  • Post-lab quiz with answers
  • Questions with sample answers
  • Sample lab reports

These resources save time for teachers and enable students to better achieve learning goals and assess progress on their own.


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