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It’s a domino effect construction set. You set ‘em up, you knock ‘em down. It’s mesmerizing. It’s fun! With a big medieval castle all to yourself and lots of different gadgets to play with, the possibilities are endless. In the interactive Build mode, you can arrange dominoes in preset patterns, or any way you like. There’s also a wide variety of gadgets you can use — such as cannons, catapults, flaming arrows, candles, trampolines, sticky pads, paddles, gears, balloons, and battering rams — to name a few. Then there's the castle itself, with all its furnishings, over 50 objects your dominoes can interact with. You never know what might happen if you knock something over or set something on fire. Switch to Play mode, tap a domino, and realistic physics takes over. And it’s all in beautifully-rendered 3D.

Newton’s Mine teaches basic physics concepts through a series of puzzles in a realistic, 3D environment. Concepts are demonstrated qualitatively with no numbers or formulae. Each level focuses on a single concept and the relevant variables: the simple pendulum, momentum and collisions, the inclined plane, projectile motion, loops, and pulleys. Newton’s Mine can be used as a curriculum supplement or in a home-school setting as an introduction to physics concepts at the middle-school level.


It’s a domino effect construction set. You set ‘em up, you knock ‘em down. It’s mesmerizing. It’s fun! With a big empty warehouse all to yourself and a bunch of different gadgets to experiment with, the possibilities are endless.


Horseshoes, a pastime enjoyed for generations by nobility and commoner alike, is now available for the iPad. This is the real game of horseshoes. No flashing lights or special effects. Just a regulation game, played on a regulation court, in a regulation park, on a regulation summer day.

TrainSet 3D is an homage to that classic HyperCard stack. Design your own tracks and run the steam locomotive around them. If you crash, no worries, repair is just a tap away. Fun for kids of all ages.

Ducks On Ice is a fast-paced rollercoaster ride of action and thrills that will keep your adrenaline pumping. Only when you’ve eaten all the Quackers on The Rink will the Flamingo Guard be fed and distracted long enough for you to get the duck outta there. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds, what with the ice being so slippery and all. There are plenty of Bad Guys to keep you on your toes, like Archibald Eagle the relentless killing machine, and the mysterious Ice Shark that sometimes carries a “laser” beam (where’d he even get that?). Don’t let them make Duck Soup out of you! But you’ll also run into some Good Guys, like the amorous Mallard Fillmore, and some Bonus Objects like the Orb of Fire, that will tilt the odds in your favor. As a wise man once said, ’tis better to be a Lucky Duck than a Dead Duck.


Use Newton’s Laws of Universal Gravitation to simulate the motions of the Earth and an asteroid in 3D. Try to capture the asteroid in Earth orbit by adjusting its starting position and direction, initial velocity, and mass. Once set in motion, the movements of both bodies are the results of their interaction with each other. To help get you started, some suggested scenarios are provided, including elliptic orbit, circular orbit, geostationary orbit, polar orbit, low Earth orbit, hyperbolic trajectory, and mass extinction event.


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