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Members of the PLM team are experienced professionals who have worked together on a wide variety of curriculum development projects for more than twenty years.

Jeanne Finstein, Ed.D.
Director of Development

John Baro, Ph.D.
Director of Software

Rhonda Sellers Baro
Creative Director


Jeanne’s degrees are in mathematics education. She has 20 years of mathematics teaching experience, ranging from grade 5 through college level. She was one of the founding staff of the NASA-sponsored Classroom of the Future, and during her 14 years there she served as manager of the NASA Educator Resource Center, Manager of Projects, Assistant Director, and Acting Director. Jeanne has contributed to multiple curriculum and professional development projects, specializing in mathematics and history content. She is active in local, state-level, and national math, science, and history organizations and has spoken at state, regional, and national conferences of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.