05-22 Polyhedron iNSIGHT™ is now available for purchase online, as PLM launches their new Polyhedron iNSIGHT E-Commerce Website
(Visit polyhedroninsight.com)

04-22 PLM Partners with TLRI and FAMU.

08-20 Polyhedron Physics™ is now available for purchase online, as PLM launches their new Polyhedron Physics E-Commerce Website
(Visit polyhedronphysics.com)

07-18 PLM featured in IN Wheeling Magazine's Summer 2018 “Wheeling Innovates” Issue
(See full page from article “Wheeling's Small Businesses prove their might on a National Level”)

07-14 PLM’s web-based High School Virtual Physics Lab™ now available for purchase through Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt.

03-13 PLM’s Virtual Physics Lab™ apps featured in Tech Connect West Virginia Newsletter
(See full article, “Wheeling Firm launches Virtual Physics Lab Apps”)
(See the article at TechConnectWV.org)

02-13 PLM Releases High School Virtual Physics Lab™ Apps

02-13 PLM Releases iNSIGHT™ Apps

09-11 PLM Awarded Phase II Funding for High School Virtual Physics Lab

01-11 PLM Successfully Commercializes Virtual Physics Lab™

07-10 PLM Awarded Funding for
High School Virtual Physics Lab

06-10 PLM Partners with TRLI on New Frontiers Project

06-08 PLM Publishes Wheeling History Book

05-08 NASA Retool and Enhance Project Completed

04-08 PLM Publishes Historic Wheeling Coloring Book

06-07 PLM Awarded Funding for Virtual Physics Lab

06-07 PLM Publishes Poetry Book

08-06 PLM Featured in WV Inc. Magazine
(See full article)

07-06 PLM in WVSBDC Annual Report and Newsletter
(See full article “US Department of Education Awards SBIR Grant to Polyhedron Learning Media”)

06-06 PLM Begins Development for Virtual Physics Lab

12-05 PLM Publishes National Road History Book

09-05 PLM Partners with AMBIENT

08-05 Team Visits Johnson Space Center

06-05 PLM Partners with EXCITE

06-05 PLM Team Members Participate in NASA Evaluation

06-05 West Liberty State College and PLM Awarded NASA Grant

04-05 First Lady Attends Exhibit Opening
(See another CMOV item from the Wheeling Intelligencer, “An Out of This World Experience”)



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