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WEB-BASED iNSIGHT Experiments and Demonstrations


Virtual online physics lab simulatons for high school and college level physics classes.

These comprehensive physics labs contain everything needed to conduct virtual physics experiments, including remarkably realistic 3D laboratory equipment and data collection tools that look and act like an actual hands-on lab. A flexible teaching and learning tool — with convenient access anywhere, anytime — Polyhedron Physics is ideal for distance learning situations, and an economical option that eliminates the need for expensive lab equipment and time-consuming equipment set-up.

Two product options make Polyhedron Physics ideal for both
AP high school and introductory college level physics courses:

Polyhedron Physics Simulations provide everything necessary to conduct physics laboratory experiments.


Polyhedron Physics+ Labs equip teachers and students with all the equipment they need, plus additional resources.

To learn more, and to purchase
web-based Polyhedron Physics™ products, visit
Polyhedron Physics.com

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Polyhedron Physics and Polyhedron Physics+ Apps
pages for product details and links to the iTunes Store.

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Polyhedron Physics Overview Video
on YouTube.

Visit our iNSIGHT Apps page for more details and links to the iTunes Store.

Experiments Bundle — Real psychophysical procedures that generate real data. This seven-app bundle includes:

  • Global Precedence
  • Scaling Vision
  • Feature Analysis
  • Depth Perception
  • Signal Detection
  • Measuring Illusions
  • Contrast Sensitivity

Demonstrations Bundle — Illustrations of various visual phenomena that allow students to manipulate the effects. This eight-app bundle includes:

  • Form and Motion
  • Spatial Vision
  • Receptive Field Mapping
  • Color Mixing
  • Color vision Test
  • Illusions and Aftereffects
  • Stereograms
  • Mach Bands
Copyright © 2022 by Polyhedron Learning Media, Inc.™ All rights reserved.